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Compare Alta White And Idol White As The Home Whitening Treatment

Compare Alta White And Idol White: When it comes to home remedy to whiten your teeth, you should not risk yourself by choosing the one with unknown brand. Since not all teeth whitening treatments are safe, you should only stick to those that you can count on, both on the reputation and on the result. For these, there are two brands that you can try on, they are Alta White and Idol White. Both are safe and recommended by the dentists and both are made in the US. This article though will try to talk about Alta White and Idol White so that you are more certain as both deliver effective result.

Compare Alta White And Idol White: About Alta White

Alta white is a brand of teeth whitening that has been used by thousands of people in the country and is known for its good reputation. The method of application is just as simple as Idol white. The only difference is probably how the formula is being packed. If you want to Compare Alta White And Idol White, you might favor Alta White more from its powdery formula so that you can set the amount of products you need on your teeth. Not only that, it has been on the market since 1996 so you can count on its years of experience.

The way to apply Alta White is as follow. Firstly, you must take off the cap of the applicator and release the wet part. Secondly, you can use the wet part to dab on the whitening powder. Then, you can apply the powder on the surface of your teeth that you want to be whiten. Wait for a while and wash off with water. The result will surprise you and you won’t be able to stop smiling and admiring yourself.

Compare Alta White And Idol White: About Idol White

Similar to Alta Whit, Idol White is also as effective to whiten your teeth. You will end up with sparkly white set of teeth with this magical pen. The only difference with the Alta White is it comes in the form of pen and you must apply the formula with the tip of the pen. This though may take a while but the upside is you can reach even the most difficult area of your teeth. Moreover, if you Compare Alta White And Idol White, Idol White will be more beneficial in saving you some money as if you buy three months’ supply, you will get free three months’ supply.

The method of applying Idol White is as simple as Alta White. First, you must brush your teeth to take off all the dirt on your teeth. After that, you must twist the pen in order to dispense the formula. Then, apply the formula to your teeth using the tip of the pen. Unlike Alta White, Idol White comes in gel formula so it might be easier to apply for some people. Either way, both are just as good so it depends on your preference whether you favor the powdery form or the gel form.

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